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Establishment of companies

Our goal is to promote Poland among people from the Middle East region interested in cooperation and running a business in Poland, we also focus on providing information and promoting a good image of Poland as an open country that supports foreign investments,
a country with a fast pace of economic development, law stability and low level of taxes compared to the rest of the European Union.

We provide legal and commercial advice to entrepreneurs in the following areas:

-Establishment, suspension and liquidation of companies,
-Preparing and reviewing commercial contracts, correspondence and other legal documents,
-Preparing legal opinions,
-Legal services for investment projects,
-Help in export, logistic, customs and tax procedures,
-Market research on the scope of the Polish market's demand for a specific product or the availability of selected products or services on the Polish market,
-Support in business talks and in signing contracts,
-Registering trademarks,
-Providing economic and financial reports on specific companies,
-Help in obtaining all documents and certificates from the Social Insurance Institution, Tax Offices and others,
-Provision of accounting services,
-Possibility to secure a location of a company needed to establish a company
-Sworn translation of documents into all languages and interpreting services in all languages in government institutions, before a notary and in courts.