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Polish-Asian Chamber of Commerce

Our law firm is a member of the Polish-Asian Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber brings together traders and producers from many countries around the world.

The chairman of the Arab Section in the Chamber is Hazem Yacoub, the founder and partner of Warsaw Legal.

The Arab Section is working on establishing relations with the chambers of commerce in Arab countries and representatives of the private sector in that region allowing members of both sides to cooperate.

We organize joint conferences, invite decision-makers from relevant institutions and companies, represent them at all levels, organize and participate in international exhibitions at home and abroad.

Through the Chamber, we provide commercial offers commissioned by governmental authorities in Arab countries – for the supply of central warehouses with strategic goods of Polish origin, such as: wheat, flour, sugar, meat, flour, eggs and others.

The Chamber is currently chaired by Mr. Janusz Piechociński, an economist, who served twice as Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy.